We unleash your potential!

We help you “widen your focus” to fully include your people in your business. We help you empower them to deliver “world class performance” – not just results. We help you activate, energise and accelerate your success.


Tuning your people for maximum effectiveness

Helping you improve
performance, not just results.

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Turning up the volume of success.

We make it easier for
you to be better. ​

We make it real.

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Dancing to a whole new beat.

We keep you on track to
deliver the exceptional.​

Happy, Healthy
and Effective.​

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About us.

Growth Unlimited specialise in business consultancy for SME customers and corporate teams.
J-P, the two Johns and the rest of the team do this because they are exceptional at it and they love it.
Combining decades of senior management skills and experience with a deep passion for innovation, they are the ultimate team.
Today, tomorrow and for an incredible future.

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“We’re a small team so I was sceptical that GUL could make much of a difference. I just wanted the job done. But I gave it a go and in our 9 years of business we’ve never sold more and I’ve never been happier. Wow!”
Digital Marketing Director, Edinburgh

“I needed help. I was working every hour God sent and making myself miserable. Working with GUL I’ve gained enough control and peace of mind to take my wife for an overdue holiday to Venice knowing that the team have everything covered.”

Owner - Luxury vehicle dealership, Scotland

As accountants we don’t do fluffy. We were a tough sell for GUL. However, we had problems bringing two regional offices together and bringing them in was the best decision we’ve ever made. We are now implementing the full GUL offering and I couldn’t be happier.

Director, Regional Accountants, S/W England